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We offer a transparent Escrow service

Escrow may be a legal construct during which a money instrument or a thing of value is controlled by a 3rd party on behalf of 2 different parties that square measure within the method of finishing a group action.

The funds or assets square measure control by in written agreement till it receives the acceptable directions or till planned written agreement obligations are consummated. Money, securities, funds, and different assets will all be controlled in written agreement.

Escrow comes into play once 2 parties square measure within the method of finishing a group action and there's uncertainty over whether or not one party or another are ready to fulfill their obligations.

For example, a shopper needs to sell bitcoin however isn't sure that the customer is real or not a fraud additionally the customer isn't certain that the vendor is real and will not disappear with funds when payment, therefore to resolve this case we have a tendency to hold the bitcoin and also the funds in written agreement and remit each to the acceptable parties straight off each parties fulfill their payment obligation. This way, each parties square measure safe, and also the group action will proceed to use our written agreement service contact our facilitate desk.

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