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Questions and answers

  • Why Do I Need To Invest With Gem-Minelab?

    Gem-Minelab stands for excellence, enterprise and Professionalism to a Million benchmark. We specialize in generating passive returns for our members through Foreign Exchange markets and drive innovate ideas through other diversification.

  • Who Is Permitted To Join Our Platform?

    As a rule of thumb, customers must be 18 or over to trade or invest in any of our plans. Our regulatory body requires that no customers under the age of 18 shall be allowed to open an account and we strictly enforce this.

  • Can I Create More Than One Account?

    Duplicating of trading or investment account are reported as it is against our rule to own multiple accounts, instead you are allowed to create multiple investment plans on the same account.

  • When Can I Withdraw My Earnings?

    This depends on the period, as specified on your investment plan. Each package is unique and has specified time limit to access profit.

  • How Do I Invest/Upgrade A Plan?

    After period of trading an accrued interest on your account, you have the choice of withdrawing all your funds including profits made or keep the funds and withdraw the profits. If your profits become enough to a plan you wish to upgrade or you wish to opt for compounding, notify us with an email so you can decide on when to upgrade.

  • How Long Does It Take To Recieve My Earnings?

    On completion of the withdrawal process, your money will be sent to you within 48 hours with the wallet address of your choice. Gem-Minelab provides efficient and guaranteed withdrawals.

  • How Does The Referral System Work?

    You can earn extra money by referring friends and family to the system. You are going to receive 3% of any investment made by your referral on the platform.

  • How long does it take for my deposit to be credited into my account?

    As soon as deposit is confirmed. Typically takes 1-2 hour(s).

  • Do you charge fees for services?

    No, we do not charge for our services as we retain other profits made from trades before crediting the stipulated percentage returns to investors. Some investment options may require fees, in such cases the investor is advised properly.

  • What is the possibility that i will earn?

    There is always some percentage risk of losing funds but here you’re investing with an asset management company and we ensure that all invested funds are capital insured. This implies that should trading go south, the amount invested at the time of trading is covered by Insurance. We also have an Employee Negligence cover to the tune of one million dollars.

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